prado 120

  1. H

    Prado 120 offset

    Hi guys I’ve a 120 Prado gx (no factory flares). Will positive 20 offset sit flush with the guards when running 265/70r17 muddies on 17x8 rims. thanks
  2. L

    More help needed - accessories

    Hi all, Thanks to help from previous posts I've settled on the GJR120R (petrol 120 prado) with the 5sp auto, keen on (in the next few months) getting car hunting. Between now and then I'm keen on getting opinion on aftermarket kit that I'll be putting on, all listed below Bullbar Arb Deluxe -...
  3. L

    Seeking advice - used 120 prados

    Hi earth, after reconsidering for a few months now I'm looking at picking something up in the next 12 months (around 20-25k), all signs so far have pointed to 120 prados for me (resale, personal preference, aftermarket options) and I'm looking for someone to either tell me I'm looking in the...
  4. MrMiller

    Prado 120 Safari Snorkel Foam Body Gasket???

    Greetings all! First time post here... I've recently purchased and received an R-Spec Safari Snorkel Kit for my 2004 Prado 120 GXL 4.0L Petrol V6... All of the parts check according to the parts list and the instructions are quite clear. I have the tools and have absolutely no problem...