pk ranger

  1. L

    Excessive blow by?

    Serviced the ute today and found a heap of oil leaking from the rocker cover breather hose into the turbo intake. I removed the oil fill cap while the engine was idling and noticed there was quite some pressure coming out of it, though sucked in when rpm increased. What should I be looking for...
  2. B

    Securing Roof Rack/ Platform to standard Wild Trak Roof Rails

    I have a Pk WildTrak. Did a big trip up North of WA last year and prior to going bought a canopy which came with a full roof length roof rack. I've customised it a bit simply cutting some bits off as it was originally made to carry a tinny. The rack is attached to the canopy however as it's full...
  3. M

    advice on 3inch exhaust pk

    New just looking for advice on putting a 3 inch exhaust on a pk ranger
  4. Jimmeh4ranger

    Arb air locker - pk ranger

    Hi all of you out there, I’m having a think about putting a rear locker in my pk ranger as the LSD lets me down. My question for those whom have them is where do you have the onboard compressor stashed? That and what may people have done for a dual battery set up? Thanks in advance :) Picture...