1. Rackers03

    Converting a Carby 60 series to EFI?

    G'day guys, It's getting close to me getting my P plates (less than 2 months) and I'm hoping to have something before then. My budget is up to $7k for a car and then a few grand more for mods. I've seen a fair few 60 series' with the 2F carby in them and was wondering what were the thoughts on...
  2. HiluxingAlong

    Hilux Decisions... LN106 - 2.8 TD or 2.4 Carby?

    Looking at another luxie... wondering what the general direction would be if you had the choice of... 1) 1996 Dual Cab with a 22r 2.4carby petrol - Done 412kms but been rebuilt at 350,000... 2) 1992 Single cab with a 2.8 diesel that has an aftermarket turbo, done 300,000 and hasnt been...