1. O

    Bullbar Paint Advice

    Hey guys, Im wanting to repaint my black bullbar and going to try do it myself. Looking for some advice on whether I should take it back to bare metal first then do a primer and paint? or would it be better to just sand and roughen up the current paint? Ive actually already started taking it...
  2. A

    4WD paint

    Had to repaint a small part of my door the other day. Used masking tape to stick plastic to the door around the areas I wanted to paint. However, the masking tape got wet and left some very obvious marks on the door. I’ve tried washing it with high pressure, soap, and hot water, but it still...
  3. Lewy_88

    Best polish for pinstripes and scratches

    Can anyone reccomend a polish or another treatment to best remove (or make less obvious) the many pinstripes and scratches I have in my black paint? I saw another post on the forum recomemding Autoglym Super Resin Polish. Is this still the best option? I have used a cheapo wax in the past and...