p plater

  1. Rackers03

    Can you mount a winch on a non-winch bullbar?

    Hi all, Just wondering if you can do this or not? I'm looking at a few cars and they come with bullbars, but doesn't say they are winch bars (and can't see mounts). Just wanted to see what people think and what I have to do. Thanks, Hugh
  2. Rackers03

    What would be a good first 4WD for less than $6k?

    Hi all, Since I get my P's later on this year, it's coming up to buying my own set of wheels. I've got roughly $6k all up and was wondering what everyones thoughts were. I probably can't have something little. (Sierra or Jimny) considering I'm only 16 and stand at 185cm and weigh in at 113kg...