1. SuperSafari

    Washing of undercarriage - Patrol Y 61

    Any precautions to take when washing the undercarriage of my Patrol Y61 as well as in and around the inner wheel arches using a pressure washer? Ive been on quite an adventure this past weekend and there's a lot of dirt accumulated there... Cheers!
  2. S

    First Car Help :)

    So, I know I'm going to get flamed for starting a new thread on this very common topic but I can't seem to find the exact and specific info I need. I'm looking to buy my first 4WD, leaning towards a GU patrol, and needed a little help regarding which model and what to look out for. I'm 22 and...
  3. O

    DIY service question

    Hi, Took my nissan navara d22 2010 to Nissan dealer and they have a list of things that need doing. Does anything in the list below seem suitable for a beginner/newbie to service and DIY? - Steering drag link has excessive play (quoted $1042 AUD) - Radiator coolant bleed and fluid replacement...
  4. O

    Navara d22 sagging fix?

    Hi, Just a query, I had a 2” tough dog suspension lift kit installed by opposite lock for my navara d22 a few months ago, the front has sagged a bit. wondering if anything can be done to level it up more with the back? Had new shocks and heavy duty torsion bars done at the front, and new set...
  5. 92Cruiser

    Winch rope fouls on winch support bar

    Recently installed a Domin8r X winch into my 80 series on a winch cradle I fab'd up to sit behind my ARB Non-Winch bar. As the cradle bolts to the bottom of the chassis the winch sits quite low compared to the front of the bar so I have flipped the winch around so it pulls from the top, but...
  6. Bran602

    Hilux vs Navara vs Ranger

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting my first 4x4 and I think a dual cab ute will work for what I'm looking to do and now I'm trying to figure out which specific ute to go for. I have a budget of $15k and I've been looking at a Hilux SR/SR5, Ranger XL/XLT or Navara ST/ST-R so far. Any tips/advice...
  7. S

    Td27 exhaust manifold

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a td27t exhaust manifold. Just purchased a Nissan Atlas and am looking for a turbo manifold. I am in Canada so it would need to be shipped. Hoping to find a good used one here before I get on for 300-500$ elsewhere. Thanks!
  8. S

    Barwork for a Nissan GU Patrol

    G’day guys, I’m curious on which accessories are interchangeable between the different models of the GU Patrol. I have a 98 gu, and pretty much wanted to know if the scrub bars, side steps and a rear bar off newer patrols would fit. I’ve got a bullbar off a 2005 one on mine but that was just a...
  9. Rackers03

    thoughts on the 3 litre diesel GU Patrol

    Hi there, I've been looking around and seen quite a few 3.0 turbo diesel Gu patrol's in my price range (up to $6,000) and they look in decent shape. One I have found is a '01 with the five-speed manual and a few mods on it (decent 4wd tires, roof-rack, awning, high-lift jack) and 300k on the...
  10. S

    Exhaust Legalities in NSW

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on 4x4 earth but have used it many times in the past for research into the 4x4 world. I'm only new to it all and was wondering can you have a 3-inch exhaust on your 4bie legally (I am also on my Red Ps if that makes a difference). I know many people have...
  11. 4x4_Mate

    Nissan Patrol Alternator for GU 4.8

    I am in the market for an Alternator since mine has fried itself after washing giving it a light wash. For a Genuine Nissan one is 2,500 and 969 from Patrol Part. No chance I will be paying that much. So what is the next best reliable brand? Not necessarily after cheap. Would rather pay a...
  12. Rackers03

    2005 Nissan Pathfinder

    Hi all, Found a decent looking Pathfinder with the 6-speed manual, 2.5 turbo diesel making around 128KW, decent tyres, 270K on the clock and for $7,250. Just wondering what they are like offroad, or if they can even be modified to go off the blacktop. And if so does anyone one know what would be...
  13. Odinson Overland

    New Member - QLD Australia - Nissan Patrol

    Hi Guys and Girls! My name is Dave. I'm based in QLD Australia, love 4x4, touring and camping. I have a little page on facebook etc for my adventures called Odinson Overland :) Hoping to share my content with more people in the future and get more feedback on it to improve it. See links below...
  14. Robbie_P

    Sleeping in a 2007 Nissan Patrol?

    Hi All, I'm not sure if this was the correct place to post this question.. I am going for a quick one night camp this weekend and wanted to experiment with sleeping in my 2007 Nissan Patrol, which still have the back seats. The setup needs to be temporary, so i was thinking along the lines of...
  15. Robbie_P

    My 2007 Nissan Patrol due for 115km service..

    Hi All, I recently purchased at 2007 Patrol and its due for a service at 115km, currently its about 114km. Is it recommended to take it for a service at Nissan or should I try find a 4x4 service centre / mechanic? Cheers, Robbie
  16. Robbie_P

    Nissan Patrol leaking clear liquid?

    Hi All, I purchased a 2007 Nissan Patrol (3.0L diesel) about 2 months ago with 112,000 kms and it drives great! Yesterday we went camping and when I returned, I spray the underside of the car with a sprinkler for about 10mins. No heavy driving, maybe 10kms of gravel road at most. Today I...
  17. Zian


    Specs: 2013 Nissan Navara D40 2.5L 4cyl Turbodiesel 6 Speed Manual 80L Fueltank Mods: 2" Lift Arb bullbar Safari Snorkel 3" exhaust Reedmans custom canopy Oil catch can Diff breathers Ironman winch Darkest legal tint Custom draw system w/ fridge shelf Dual Battery w/ isolator and charger (solar...
  18. Zian

    New to forum

    Hows it going all, look forward to learning and sharing 4x4 experiences on this forum. Feel free to say g'day below.
  19. HiluxingAlong

    Hilux LN106 / LN167 Gang Rocker Switch Installation Location

    Wondering if anyone has installed a gang Rocker switch in a Hilux LN106 or 167 and where they did... Decodedto buy this really nice gang switch from eBay to tidy up the dash and give me some USB power but struggling to find a space to install it... Also I don't have an overhead console...