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  1. SuperSafari

    Engine producing whistling/whine-like sound when accelerating hard - 2021 Patrol Super Safari

    Hi All, I've noticed yesterday when Im pushing the throttle such that the RPM's reach 50% of the limit (specifically when not a lot of torque is available anymore), there is a whistling sound that seems to be coming from the engine. When the car is idle and in park or neutral, no such sound is...
  2. SuperSafari


    To all of you that zoom past speedbumps, at what speed do you usually take them? Have you incurred noticeable damage? Obv there will be accelerated wear on the suspension components, but what speed would you advise going over humps? Cheers.
  3. SuperSafari

    2021 Nissan Patrol GU Super Safari Gas Mileage

    Ive just bought a brand new Super Safari here in the UAE, and I absolutely love everything about it, except the fact that it chugs petrol like there's no tomorrow. Many people have warned me about this before buying it, but Im a sucker for this particular car. I wanted to know why despite...
  4. SuperSafari

    Suspension feels off

    I have a 2021 Y61 Super Safari, and ever since it rolled out the dealership, the front left suspension just doesn't feel right. Everytime I hit a speedbump or small curb sideways or at an angle, I "feel" a ticking vibration through my steering wheel, and the steering wheel also feels loose for...
  5. SuperSafari

    Best air compressors on the market

    Im currently in the market for an air compressor for when I need to deflate my tires for dune bashing. Im based in Dubai, so I hit the dunes on the regular (I own a 2021 Patrol Super Safari) Two questions: 1. What brand do you recommend? Should I go with a reputable brand or go for Chinese...
  6. SuperSafari

    Exhaust Suggestions

    Interested to know if anyone has changed their exhaust pipes.. is there someone out there that manufactures GU specific exhaust pipes for better sound?
  7. SuperSafari

    Dune Bashing in Nissan Patrol Y61

    Hi Guys, Any tips on whether I should be cleaning any internals of my ride after a day of dune bashing? Obv exterior and interior is all taken care of, but for longevity purposes, should I be looking at cleaning internals? I also forgot to switch off my Aircon for the first 20 min of dune...
  8. Robbie_P

    My first quote for 2nd battery + rewiring (for fridge)

    Hi All, I am looking at getting a fridge for my 2007 Nissan Patrol so went down to my local auto-electrical workshop for a quote for the below: Install auxiliary battery under bonnet. Install jump start option. Rewire existing accessory sockets to auxiliary battery supply. Install new...
  9. SkyeMyers

    Nissan Patrol 1999 ST GU 2.8 for SALE

    $10990 negotiable (make us an offer! :)) We inherited this 4x4 and don’t go off-roading ourselves we would love to sell it to someone who is going to take it on some adventures! For Sale: Nissan Patrol Turbo Diesel Intercooler ST 2.8 Manual Rego expired 6/3/2019 Odometer: 437965km Mechanically...
  10. Rackers03

    thoughts on the 3 litre diesel GU Patrol

    Hi there, I've been looking around and seen quite a few 3.0 turbo diesel Gu patrol's in my price range (up to $6,000) and they look in decent shape. One I have found is a '01 with the five-speed manual and a few mods on it (decent 4wd tires, roof-rack, awning, high-lift jack) and 300k on the...