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  1. D

    New to Earth

    Hi everyone, I'm new the forum, I have been 4wding last 4/5 years on weekends and holidays (nothing particularly extreme), mostly in Qld, now i moved back to Vic, and just bought a Ford Everest biturbo, for the fun time. Happy 4wding everyone. D455l3R Hope to find plenty of advanmeetd...
  2. K

    Need help selecting prado for 1st time tour around AUS.

    Hello! So I quit my job and left Melbourne with a plan to tour Australia in a 4WD and learn as I go, I have no prior experience and did not grow up in a camping/4wd environment but this is something I have always wanted to do. I am currently in the Brisbane/Sunshine Coast area and looking for...
  3. K

    New to 4x4earth

    Hello everyone, newcomer got my first 4x4 today disco 1, v8 160000kms with 31 inch muddies and a 2 inch lift alot planned for it
  4. S

    New guy

    Hey, New here. The names Steven. I live in Brisbane for now. Little about me. I'm cheap. I'm not going to beat around the bush about this, lol. I prefer not to spend money if I don't have to. I'm also currently a UNI student so I don't have money to start with lol. I prefer to hit the road solo...
  5. Epic Drives WA

    New member Dan from Epic Drives Western Australia.

    G’day all, I’m a long time listener to the 4x4 Earth Podcast and really enjoy listening to James talk to various characters in the 4x4 community. I myself produce 4WD and outdoor adventure content on YouTube (Epic Drives Western Australia) and all the other major social media platforms. I...
  6. O

    Hi there

    Just thought I would say hello to everyone here. Been 4wd since I was a kid with the old man and have just bought my first 4wd (triton gls mq) . Didn’t think the 4wd bug would bite this hard, but once I got it I try to go off road as much as possible. Trying to be sensible with my upgrades as I...
  7. L

    New member looking for some advice.

    Hello 4x4 Earthers! New member here looking for some advice buying my first 4WD. Initially I'm just looking at a touring vehicle for weekend camping trips, but would like to try out some beginner tracks and test the muddy waters of 4WDing to see if I like it. So I'm happy to start out cheaper...
  8. jude L quinn

    Hi From SE QLD

    Hi there, New member here. We have just bought our first off road camper trailer (Kings TrackrunnerX, it is AMAZING!) and we're keen to find new and interesting places to visit. I started a casual camping group on Meetup so that we could meet good people. If you're interested you can find it...
  9. T

    G'DAY Folks!

    Hey guys and girls Just wanted to say hi, I'm new to 4x4 earth. I have no experience of off-roading or 4WD but keen to get into it it seems AMAZING! Currently I own a 2017 X5 for the 9-5 and school run but looking for suggestions/advice for a weekend warrior, something cheap and cheerful to get...
  10. Taz89

    What to buy?

    Hello everyone! I am taz, Italian chef living in Perth. Want to buy my first ever 4we and need some suggestion. My budget is around 20k $ and maybe few thousand more for mods and repairs. I want to get a 4wd because me and my partner want to get a year off and travel around Australia for 1 year...
  11. S


    New setup .. Mitsibushi Triton glxr Want to set up a Aluminum canopy on my ute.. Anyone anyone any pics of good tradie camping setup for ideas.. Gonna add roof top tent.. So what’s essential gear ?
  12. Macbt50

    Hi Guys and Gals.

    Hi all my name is Matthew, Im fairly new to 4wding im in Adelaide and looking to get out on weekends more, i have a few mates with 4wd's. Just keen to learn and have some fun along the way, and what better way to learn than from the very people who live and breath 4wding. Cheers guys Matthew