mq triton

  1. S

    Triton GLX+ MQ MY16 Manual 3rd gear popping out and grinding

    So, bought a used Triton, model described in title. Has 150k kms on the clock, aftermaket suspension, 31 ATs and some other minor stuff. First time off road, just some moderate difficulty sandy hill climbs at 20psi to feel firsthand how it handled and get some confidence. 3rd started popping...
  2. Schmidy93

    2018 Triton MQ GLS Weekend Warrior

    G’day Guys After pondering about making a thread documenting my (slow) build, I thought I’d bite the bullet and give it a crack. I should note; this is my first 4x4 and my knowledge is fairly basic and has largely been gained over the internet rather than real life experience. But I guess we...
  3. R

    Triton help

    Hi there I have a standard 2008 ml triton with the black bumper and was wondering if an mn front bumper would fit? Thanks
  4. Mitch12345

    MQ Triton - bumpy ride on road - ARB 2” lift

    Hi there, My MQ was bumpy before I got a lift kit put in by ARB. So I thought I’d spend the $2200 and put in a EK4604B1 old man emu set from ARB. I have a steel bull bar and 31” A/T tyres on my car. I was told by ARB it will be a more comfortable ride on the road, it’s exactly the same (bumpy)...
  5. J

    New to the forum

    Hey new to the forum, I have a 2016 MQ Triton in blue keen as to learn little tricks and tips through the group