1. Lewy_88

    Merricumbene FT, Dry Creek Campground and Oulla Creek FT - Deua NP

    We went back to the old faithful Merricumbene FT and managed to do a lot of filming on the main steep section at the very beginning. We took a different route once up on the ridge and turned down Oulla Creek Firetrail.
  2. Lewy_88

    Bendethera Via Misty Mtn and Merricumbene

    Hi All, This is an awesome route. Here is our video from the trip, some cool creek/river crossings, drone footage, shots of the campground, caves walk and the drive home to the west. Misty Mtn Road (off the Kings Highway) Merricumbene Firetrail (off Araluen Rd) Bendethera Campground Cheers, Lewy