1. 4x4_Mate

    Pyrenees Rooftop Maps

    Hi There. I will be heading to the Pyrenees this weekend and wondering if Rooftop makes maps for this area? I have majority of the paper ones but couldn’t seem to find it for the Pyrenees. Thanks in advanced.
  2. Ditch

    Terra Incognita Mapping Software

    Terra Incognita is a program for downloading, calibrating & saving various map images from sources such as Google Maps, Open Street Map, Open Topo Map & many others. Saved map formats that are supported include Oziexplorer(.map), BSB.KAP, Garmin JNX & TomTom. Google Terrain zoomed to 250...
  3. Ditch

    Converting PDF Maps To Digital Maps

    Any PDF map can be downloaded, converted to an image & then calibrated in Oziexplorer for use as a digital map. Maps can be sourced from many locations including National Parks, State Forest, Tourism & many other places. Over the last month or so I have converted over 300 maps from the...