led light bar

  1. B

    LED Lightbar Troubleshooting

    Today I got an LED lightbar installed in my 2014 Grand Vitara. Originally the lightbar would only turn on with the headlights, which made me realise after some research that the vehicle is negatively switched. The harness I used allowed for rewiring to suit negatively switched vehicles. Now the...
  2. L

    By passing high beam connection

    Hi guys, I have two little work led lights I’m connecting up to my car. I’m using a wiring harness but I want to be able to have them turn on and off without my high beams been on. Can anyone help me with a way to bypass the high beam connector? I need them to run without high beams been on...
  3. Zamunda

    My Driving Light Set Up

    When ever I meet up with other overlanders I quite often get told that I do not have enough driving lights set up in my 80 series Land Cruiser. I generally try to avoid driving at night when I am overlanding. There was a time when I used to love overlanding in total darkness. It added to my...
  4. Todd Allsop

    Adding another light bar

    Hi all Thinking of adding another light bar to my car on the roof racks and was wondering if I can’t just piggyback off the high beam connector on the Illuminator harness and fuse it before it heads out to the roof, is there any harm in doing this? And how are people sending wires to the roof...