1. A

    Oil leak from between intercooler and turbo pipe join?

    Hello all, I have toyota hilux 2013 diesel manual it has oil leak from the intercooler pipe that goes into the turbo. Does anyone know if this oil leak normal or not? And what causes this oil leak? And how to fix it? Please if anyone had same problem or have knowledge about it let me know...
  2. O

    Tyre repair options

    Hi, Took my car in to get the front right wheel checked after I noticed a slow leak. They got back to me and said the tyre cannot be repaired due to a leak in the sidewall, and that I need to buy a brand new tyre. it’s a Toyo AT2 and has low km’s on it and was wondering what are my options? I...
  3. Wakdaz

    98 hilux, Rear axle leaking diff oil, Play in axle.

    G'day, so after I long drive with steep ascents and descents I thought I could hear a very faint clunk in 1st at about 700 rpm, anyway had a look under the car and found the rear drivers side tyre covered in oil on the inside. Wheel off and found my rear drum brake also covered in oil, with the...