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    Payload and GVM Upgrades

    Afternoon all, I was hoping to get some feedback on how much it is reasonable to increase a Utes payload. Specifically I want to set up a ute to carry some agricultural equipment. This will include a 350KG unit and 500KG water (when tanks is full). I am looking at an Isuzu DMAX (2023) space...
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    Upgrading speakers in 79 series ute

    Hey boys, I’ve got a 79 series single cab ute (HZJ79R), looking to upgrade the speakers because the stock standard ones are shocking. Wondering if any of you boys have done this and if you have any recommendations on what to get at a reasonable price and if it was a massive stuff around. I would...
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    Kill switch

    Hi im no wiring guru so there fore wondering if anyone cluld steer me in the right direction. I own a 1985 fj73 i have put a soft top on it and looks good only issue know is its less secure therefore i want to put a kill switch in. If i cut the wire running to the start position on the ignition...