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    Troopy workmate 2023

    Hi all, What is the difference between Gxl and workmate Troopy on 2023 apart from seats Also can we fit rear bench seat on workmate troopy I have been waiting on GXL Troopy. Its been 22 months and got a call that they got cancellation on a Workmate troopy but salesman doesnt know the...
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    Long wait of 18 months on Landcruiser 78 Gxl Troopcarrier

    Hi All, I have been waiting for my Troopy 78 Sandy GXL from 16 months. I have been told to wait 18 months and as of now there has been zero updates on build number. I have called dealership every few months and they got no updates. I’m in Melbourne. Anyone else been waiting for that long on LC70?