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    Kings Battery and Fridge

    Howdy, New to the forum sorry if I have posted this to the wrong area. Seeing as couldn’t travel over seas decided to do some work on the car and go camping around Australia. I agree I did go the budget side and get a lot of gear from 4x4 Supacentre. Which I was actually surprised that nothing...
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    Help! I Am Trying to Wire Up a Kings Battery Monitor

    My solar setup is designed for use independent of the vehicle, and the solar panel is the battery's only charging source - there is no battery charger in the circuit. Otherwise it's a 250W solar panel through a Kings solar controller (there's one on the panel too, but I am a sucker for a sales...
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    12v fridges

    G’day, I’m in the market for a 12v ideally 60L fridge to take camping. I’m aware that Engel has the best name and reputation out there but wanted to know if I could save some money going else where. I’ve heard the kings fridges aren’t too bad for the low price tag, what else is pretty good but...