1. HammyPrado

    Side Steps/Rock Sliders to suit Prado Kakadu KDSS

    Hey all. I have a 2019 Prado Kakadu with KDSS, i am after side steps/rock sliders to suit the KDSS model, i have tried the big companies like ARB and TJM who would not install due to the KDSS lines running next to the chassis. I am wondering if anyone with a Kakadu has had any luck fitting side...
  2. HammyPrado

    GME XRS Connect

    I recently bought a GME XRS Connect for my 2019 Prado Kakadu, it was a pretty easy install, the unit itself is pretty small so i mounted that behind the glove box next to the Navigation Unit, ran the wire next to the battery through the firewall. The only issue i had was finding a RJ45...