1. I

    2011 VW Amarok

    I have recently purchased a 2011 Amarok with canopy front bullbar and heavy duty leaf springs. I noticed when taking off from a stand still if I release the clutch to quickly there is a clunk from the leaf spring movement as I think there is not enough load in tub. I have researched and...
  2. C

    1994 Diesel hilux 4x4 struggling up freeway.

    Hey guys just bought a 1994 HILUX 4x4 Diesel single cab with a timber tray which has only done 177000kms. Frothing. But I'd drive well everywhere except driving it up a small incline but 80kms free way its stuggles. I put it in 3rd gear and reaches 40-50kms but it has these weird power drops...
  3. DeFergus

    04 Rodeo - No 4WD lights & some other issues

    So I bought a 2004 Rodeo and it just has a few issues, firstly no 4wd lights coming up on the dash, I believe it isn't going into 4wd when I press the buttons either, when I turn the ignition key on ONLY the battery, brake, check engine and open door lights come on. The tacho also does not work...