1. D

    Insurance companies

    Hi, This topic HAS been covered in the past, but I would like to re-visit the questions. What insurance companies are you using? How have they been in response to any claims? (Great, good, ‘average’, or just do not bother) What are the dramas, problems, or absolutely GREAT things that have...
  2. cringedweller

    Which insurance company to go with

    I am looking to insure a fairly stock Landcruiser and would like to know who you all are insuring your vehicles through. I am looking to do normal highway and dirt track touring, with a trailer nothing hard core but would like to be covered anywhere in Australia just in case.
  3. D

    Custom Fabricated Mods

    Hey guys new to the forum, Iv recently purchased my first car being a 2012 Toyota Hilux 4x4. My parents own a metal fabrication company in Sydney and i want to fabricate come costume parts for the Hilux for example; Brush bars, side steps, rear bar and sports bar. This wont be some dodgy home...
  4. emcamonhols

    Help Please Story Research- Insurance What To Ask

    I'm pulling together a magazine piece - 4x4 insurance - what to ask before you sign. I've read much on 4x4earth about excess, water crossings, depreciation, different companies and recommendations. My brief IS NOT about comparison between policies, premiums or companies. IT IS about what to...
  5. Syamala godfrey

    Insurance company that will do agreed price instead of market value

    Insurance company that will do agreed price instead of market value
  6. Jaidyn


    After cheap 3rd party insurance for under 25 but having serious trouble getting a reasonable quote. Some companies want over a $1,000 just fr thirdparty even tho i put down I’d be driving less then 5000 a year. If it wasn’t for the 3 inch exhaust It would be $250-400 but my vehicle is listed as...
  7. Z

    Unusual vehicle insurance

    G'day guys and girls I have bought a 2010 Isuzu NPS ( light truck ) and i want to put insurance on it just wondering if anybody could send me in the right direction for it. any help and will be a great help thanks in advance