Replacing centre console gearstick with floor shifter?

    Hi! I’m new to the forum and dont know if ive posted this in the right place so please forgive me. Ive got a manual 2008 Holden rc colorado single cab with the 4JJ1. I’ve always loved the massive bench seats you get in the old chevys and ford trucks and want to put one in a modern truck. It...
  2. Lewy_88

    2016 RG Colorado 7 Modification Walkthrough

    I recently made a walk through video of my 2016 Colorado 7. We bought it from a dealer with 8,000kms on it and have slowly been modifying it. Mod list is below and majority of these are shown in the video. - Harrop eLocker in the rear - 2 Inch lift, I have changed the rear shocks since the...
  3. Rackers03

    VE Commodore seats into RG Coloraod

    So I've had my ute for 6 months now, 2014 Holden Colorado LTZ Storm, and I've found the seats aren't the comfiest thing for long drives. So I was wondering if anyone has any experience with putting VE commodore leather seats in a RG collie? Or has anyone even done this before. Cheers, Hugh
  4. P

    Which Fuse?

    Can anyone tell me which fuse on the interior fuse box of my RG (2015) is a constant power fuse? the manual is not clear?
  5. Rackers03

    Staino vs Safari Snorkels

    Debating about which snorkel to go for. Putting this out to the 4wd community. Heres what I've got so far but I'm still torn (and not 100% percent sure): STAINO: pros: better/more airflow, sleek look. Cons: Cost SAFARI: pros: cheaper. cons: less airflow than the staino (i think) Mainly just...
  6. Rackers03

    What a RG Colorado needs for touring/4 wheeling

    G'day everyone, Looking to start setting my dual cab 2014 Collie up to do some touring and a bit of 4 wheeling, and just wanted to see who else has one they've set up and what mods you recommend first specifically for the RG collies. Currently only has a ARB bar on it so nothing flash yet...
  7. Rackers03

    RG Colorado running warm?

    G'day all, So I've had my 2014 Collie for a month and a half now, haven't done any towing or offroading yet, but I've noticed that the engine bay is radiating a fair bit of heat after it's been running for a while. Even though the temp gauge has even climbed over half-way and usually sits at a...
  8. Rackers03

    Fitting rims onto different wheels

    G'day everyone, I'm probably going to sound like an idiot for asking this but I thought I might as well before i stuff up and blow my money. I'm looking to upgrade my tires, but what to keep the factory Holden rims that come on the Colorado's (2014 LTZ Storm). Now the factory tyre is a 255x65...
  9. Brandon_rado

    Holden Colorado 2012 4X4 LT DC PU 2.8 MT

    Hi everyone, So I have a 2012 Holden Colorado 4X4 LT DC PU 2.8 MT. I am not an expert when it comes to 4x4's mechanically or electrically and have been having trouble with my 4x4 engagement system. So it all started at home luckily, it was raining and I happened to have parked my Colorado on...
  10. Rumbuck

    T60 vs Colorado Hubs

    Kind of a Suspension Question in the Front End, kind of a Differential Question in the rear end, so I'll post this in the Other Category, mods can move it to Suspension or Differential if they think one of those would be better. Anyway, was just wondering how different the Hubs are on the T60...
  11. Rumbuck

    Difference between VM Motori 428 Engines?

    Hey guys, Was hoping someone can pin down for me the difference between different VM Motori Motors, mainly: R428 2001–2007 Chrysler Voyager (Automatic transmission) (power: 150 hp (110 kW); torque: 251 lb·ft(360 Nm)) 2001–2004 Jeep Cherokee/Liberty (power: 150 hp (110 kW); torque: 251...
  12. Lewy_88

    Colorado 7 rear drawer and false floor fitout

    Video shows what I used, what it all looks like fully loaded and how much it cost me.
  13. nziJustinz

    Best Bull Bar for 2017/18 Colorado LS Dual Cab

    I've been looking around and can't seem to decide on the best bull bar. Price/look/installation all apply. My 2 favorite so far are the; Safari Bar (Holden's stock model) $3.1K install Xrox Bar - Haven't been able to find one to suit the 2017/18 models yet. Any suggestions in relation to these...
  14. Lewy_88

    Dobinsons Adjustable Monotube 50mm lift kit installation on Colorado 7

    I made a quick and simple video of our DIY installation on my Colorado 7. Overall lift was about 35mm in the front and 45mm in the rear. I plan to adjust the front up 10mm to get it sitting even.
  15. W

    2011 RC Colorado Issue

    Hey everyone, I’ve got a 2011 RC Colorado with an issue, and hoping you fellas can help me out. Every now and then, I go to start the ute, it’ll idle for roughly 30 seconds and It’ll then cut out and will not fire up. So from then on, It’ll crank over but won’t fire. So I then over ride the...