1. Rackers03

    Thoughts on a 1993 single cab Hilux

    G'day all, I've been looking around for cars for a while, and found a decent one. This one is a 1993 Hilux with the 2.8 non-turbo diesel (yes, I know they're slow and I won't turbo it) and 5-speed manual. It's got 318,000K's and i know these things are bulletproof so the K's don't matter too...
  2. Rackers03

    2000 Hilux 3.0L 5L engine reliability/lifetime

    Hi all, Found a 2000 dual cab hilux I'm looking to buy. It's got a TJM bullbar, 9000 pound Warn Winch, lightbar, 31 inch muddies, long range fuel tank, UHF, side steps and snorkel. It's got the 3 litre (5L) engine and I know it's no powerhouse but it's perfect for me. All looks good it's just...
  3. Bingle


    Hi all Just getting on to 4wding... a country boy from England, have been in Sydney city for 15 years and looking at exploring this great country. Just got a new hilux and look forward to any tips and connecting with people. Also need some advice if anyone has fitted a winch to a rugged x...

    Victorian high county 5day trip

    Hi guys, Just planning a trip into the Victorian high county this Easter holiday and need some help planning. So I'm relying on your experience and knowledge to help me out here. We want to spend 5 days there seeing as much as we can and trying as much 4wd tracks as we can. We will be self...
  5. A

    Hilux ln172 99 suspension

    Hey fellas, Seen a few discussions about suspension, looking to upgrade, new to 4wding have a hilux 99 ln172 tray back currently have stock suspension doing a lot highway kms and looking at a bit of camping, 4wding on weekends, am a tradie with constant load on Ute all times. Looking at ome...
  6. F

    Hilux hard start issues

    Hi all, I own a 2008 Toyota Hilux and have recently had issues with the battery going flat through the week as I mainly drive a work vehicle. At first I would charge my battery and everything would be fine, but as this this has become a chore I have since installed a battery isolator that I...
  7. jbhilux

    Best gearbox oil brand and viscosity

    Have a kzn165 hilux with r151 gearbox what oil everyone using? Currently running trans gear 75w 90 petite but isn't cutting it as hard to change when cold. See that some people recommend vmx 80w castrol and petite has a new 75w-90 full syntbic they recommend what's everyone's thoughts cheers
  8. HiluxingAlong

    Suspension Lift on a Budget - IFS 1999 Hilux

    Help me Wondering how do you Lift a single cab LN167 Hilux in a tight budget... I can't afford the $1.5-2k proper lift, only looking at 2" so obviously a spacers kit looks attractive... Google has a serious amount of mixed reviews on this so wondering if I can get some first hand advice
  9. LooneyLou


    Hello! I'm new to the truck camping world (and now new to being a member of forums rather than just lurking them for answers...) My little 81 Toyota Hilux (22R) and I just completed our first cross country road trip and I'm about to head out again at the end of the month! The set up is small...
  10. HiluxingAlong

    Hilux Decisions... LN106 - 2.8 TD or 2.4 Carby?

    Looking at another luxie... wondering what the general direction would be if you had the choice of... 1) 1996 Dual Cab with a 22r 2.4carby petrol - Done 412kms but been rebuilt at 350,000... 2) 1992 Single cab with a 2.8 diesel that has an aftermarket turbo, done 300,000 and hasnt been...
  11. HiluxingAlong

    Hilux LN106 / LN167 Gang Rocker Switch Installation Location

    Wondering if anyone has installed a gang Rocker switch in a Hilux LN106 or 167 and where they did... Decodedto buy this really nice gang switch from eBay to tidy up the dash and give me some USB power but struggling to find a space to install it... Also I don't have an overhead console...
  12. Frogga_Hilux

    Spicer Springs

    Hi all, I’m currently doing my research to replace the way-overdue and tired stock suspension on my VZN Hilux. After yo-yo’ing my thoughts of all the major brands with pros and cons, and good/bad reviews I’m considering going with Spicer Springs. They use Bluemax components and also manufacture...
  13. J

    Help with a bullbar

    wasn't to sure where to post this. i brought a bullbar which was all boxed/taped up and he said its all there that he double checked and everything but after i got home the bolts/fitting instructions were not there and ive been requesting them for the last 4-5 weeks with no success. ive tried...
  14. HiluxingAlong

    1996 LN106 Winch Bull Bar

    Anyone have one of these bars kicking around? I have a non winch bar and want to swap it out...
  15. I

    Problems with Hilux diesel engines

    Hey all, When looking into what 4wd to buy the local dealership told me that some hilux's are prone to engine problems, He said past a certain year the problems are more common. I think he said 2001+? If anyone has any information on this it would be greatly appreciated Currently Looking at...