1. DBTouring

    Map Apps Whats a good one

    Hi every one I have been looking in to the 4wd Map apps Iphone & Ipad they seem to all have mixed reviews I am leaning to the Hema Topo off line, & use it on the IPhone & IPad Any thoughts out there David
  2. Epic Drives WA

    How I plan my 4WD adventures.

    My personal tips for organising four wheel drive trips. This episode of Epic Drives Western Australia will hopefully help some of you prepare for your next coastal or outback 4WD road trip. Each 4x4 trip is obviously different and having a pre-trip checklist set up with all your essential...
  3. Shane_H_79

    Hema explorer for IOS 12.X or other options

    Hi all I have an iPad running IOS 12.X I saw on the App Store that Hema Explorer had some issue with older versions of IOS Just wondering who is using it with IOS 12.X Are there any other options now that memory maps is not working Regards Shane