1. N

    Payload and GVM Upgrades

    Afternoon all, I was hoping to get some feedback on how much it is reasonable to increase a Utes payload. Specifically I want to set up a ute to carry some agricultural equipment. This will include a 350KG unit and 500KG water (when tanks is full). I am looking at an Isuzu DMAX (2023) space...
  2. MaccaTac26

    GVM upgrade Toyota Hilux dualcab 2015 n70

    Aye Been considering a Ironman4x4 GVM upgrade for the n70. I will also need Adjustable UCAs, I was looking at Tough Dog ($500-$650) or Roadsafe's Blackhawks UCA ($800-900). Is it worth spending a bit more for the Blackhawks? Seems like I could save some money but don't want to lose quality...
  3. H


    Hi all, I have been trying to find out about a GVM upgrade for our Ute, for towing a caravan. I seem to be finding a range of information about legalities etc. Many places seem to offer GVM suspension upgrades, but then there is Lovells. Are Lovells a manufacturer of a particular upgrade (i.e...