1. O

    Spotlight switch wiring gauge query

    Hi, Im changing out an ugly switch connected to my spotlights, replacing it with an OEM style push switch but I have one question regarding the wiring. The wiring coming from the new OEM style switch is much thinner than the wiring in the harness. Is this safe? I don’t want to burn down my car...
  2. D

    Fridge/oven setup?

    Fairly new to 12v setups but just trying to get my head around some things; 1-Fridge wiring? Will probably be getting the bushman 85l upright, but wanting to know how to wire it in. Do I just come straight off the fuse block? And/or use anderson-if so what amp rating and cable gauge needed...
  3. Butcher

    Gauge light wiring

    Anyone know if you can connect your boost gauge power(lighting) to your radio? To get to my lights you have to take the whole steering wheel off and I don’t really wanna fuck with that ahaha, cheers all
  4. HiluxingAlong

    Hilux LN106 / LN167 Gang Rocker Switch Installation Location

    Wondering if anyone has installed a gang Rocker switch in a Hilux LN106 or 167 and where they did... Decodedto buy this really nice gang switch from eBay to tidy up the dash and give me some USB power but struggling to find a space to install it... Also I don't have an overhead console...