1. G

    Kings Battery and Fridge

    Howdy, New to the forum sorry if I have posted this to the wrong area. Seeing as couldn’t travel over seas decided to do some work on the car and go camping around Australia. I agree I did go the budget side and get a lot of gear from 4x4 Supacentre. Which I was actually surprised that nothing...
  2. K

    Canopy fit out ideas

    Looking for suggestions to fit out my canopy to head back up to the stations, I’ll be removing the masa drop down fridge slide and replacing with fridge/freezer draws 695mm (L) x 440mm (W) x 260mm (H), but looking for ideas around pull out pantry and drawers that will fit as it’s quite narrow...
  3. Boehamian


    Hi all, looking at fridges as the evakool has finally had its last legs (now an esky as its shit as a fridge, long story). narrowed down to 2 fridges. 1. national luna, 2. trailblaza only thing stopping me on the national luna is the massive price difference. (2300 vs 3500). Anyone have...