1. D

    Fridge/oven setup?

    Fairly new to 12v setups but just trying to get my head around some things; 1-Fridge wiring? Will probably be getting the bushman 85l upright, but wanting to know how to wire it in. Do I just come straight off the fuse block? And/or use anderson-if so what amp rating and cable gauge needed...
  2. A

    I put an upright fridge in my wagon..

    ..and I'm bloody loving it. So much so that I made a review going over the reasons that lead me to buy one and then how I installed it. If you're thinking of getting a new fridge soon definitely consider an upright!
  3. G

    help with calculations for running a huge fridge

    hello, call me stupid but i just cant figure this out using online tools and info. essentially i want to run an 850 litre fridge from batteries, even if it only gives me 2 hours runtime (hoping from anywhere from 2-8 hours though). the fridge is 240v 400w (running, not startup, startup will...
  4. B

    Fridge slide install in ute tub.

    Hey fellas, I have recently acquired a 60L Engel and a fridge slide from supacentre. Has anyone installed one directly into a ute tub? I had a crack today but I had a few issues - My ute tub has ridges so trying to fix the slide was difficult as the holes didn't line up with the high or low...
  5. L

    More help needed - accessories

    Hi all, Thanks to help from previous posts I've settled on the GJR120R (petrol 120 prado) with the 5sp auto, keen on (in the next few months) getting car hunting. Between now and then I'm keen on getting opinion on aftermarket kit that I'll be putting on, all listed below Bullbar Arb Deluxe -...
  6. S

    12v fridges

    G’day, I’m in the market for a 12v ideally 60L fridge to take camping. I’m aware that Engel has the best name and reputation out there but wanted to know if I could save some money going else where. I’ve heard the kings fridges aren’t too bad for the low price tag, what else is pretty good but...
  7. Robbie_P

    My first quote for 2nd battery + rewiring (for fridge)

    Hi All, I am looking at getting a fridge for my 2007 Nissan Patrol so went down to my local auto-electrical workshop for a quote for the below: Install auxiliary battery under bonnet. Install jump start option. Rewire existing accessory sockets to auxiliary battery supply. Install new...
  8. S

    RC Colorado centre console fridge

    Hi everyone! I recently just bought a 2011 LTR Colorado and I was just wondering if anyone had ever changed the mounting for the handbrake and fit a fridge for a centre console (the Dometic CF 11 is the one I have my eye on...
  9. Robbie_P

    Power options for camping?

    Hi All, I am looking for some advice on a power setup for my travels / camping. I am based in Brisbane and most of our camping involves driving 2-3 hours to our destination, camping for 2-3 days, then driving home. I have a 2007 Nissan patrol, which currently only has a single battery...
  10. DamagedDingo

    How long can i run a fridge of battery

    Hey guys, I am looking at picking up a Waeco CF40 whilst they are on special ($500) but was wondering how long I can run it off a battery for. I If required I think I can squeeze a second battery next to my main (if i rotate it 90 degrees) and that should be fairly cheap, but I was wondering how...