engine swap

  1. EastieTangles

    GU Cummins 6BT swap vlog

    Hey folks Pretty new to the whole YouTube thing but having a fair crack at it! If you like these build vlogs would love a like, sub, and a share to ya mates. This one is getting a 215hp out of a Dodge, shipped over from the 'states. Behind that will be a 4L80E built by wholesale auto Will...
  2. L

    Fj73 3f carby swap

    So i have a 3f carby and im wanting to go to diesel . Any got any idea what engines r compatible with the gear box? cheers
  3. N

    Need Advice for Feroza

    Hi Guys, New to this forum and just wanted to say seems like a great community and hopefully I can get the help Im after. A few days ago I bought my first car, a 95 Feroza which seemed to me (with very little experience) to be running fine. This morning when I went to take it to the mechanic to...
  4. J

    Engine Swap 4y - recommendations

    Gday Guys, Chasing recommendations for a motor swap into a 1989 Toyota 4runner. Seeking something with decent reliability and not an eye watering conversion cost. Looking to keep the auto Trans where possible. Any advice is appreciated. Cheers Josh