dual battery

  1. Toby1Kenobi

    Lithium Battery Reviews

    Righto legends, I’m about to change from AGM to lithium in my camper trailer in the 100-200ah range. I can’t trust many retailers on face value when it comes to quality and cost anymore. So, please drop you battery recommendations below with retail value, store bought from, followed by any...
  2. E

    Dual battery setup

    Hi Guru's, I'm looking to do few road trips in the coming year and wanting to setup a reliable dual battery setup to run Fridge Lights USB & Cigarette sockets x 2 Charge power tools & equipment (mainly a drill/impact wrench, drone and phones) The second battery I'm thinking of running is a...
  3. M

    Deep cycle dual battery location

    Hey boys, just bought myself a 130AH GIANT deep cycle battery. Was planning to put it in under my bonnet but I’ve heard that some dual batteries aren’t good to put under the bonnet of your car due to how hot it gets under the hood and what not. Anyone have any more information on this? It’s...
  4. yorke7

    Is leaving a circuit breaker open bad?

    So i'm not auto electrician but like many others i wanted a 2nd battery, 12v setup but couldn't afford an auto electricians services. I learnt, consulted a 12v expert and eventually built one myself. It's been in and working for over a year now with no problems at all, but with the cold weather...
  5. M

    VSR and MPPT combo vs DCDC charger

    Hi, I currently have a basic dual battery system. It is comprised of a VSR which separates my aux battery which is in a battery box in my Ute tray. I want to add a fixed solar panel to my roof of my canopy and am tossing up between two options. I don’t have a smart alternator. Option 1...
  6. A

    Dual battery setup behind back wheel arch

    Has anyone installed a second battery behind the drivers side back wheel arch ? If so how did you go about fitting it? Was it through the floor of the boot? From underneath the car?
  7. REViXiSSE

    Mazda Tribute Dual Battery w/ Solar Project

    Hi All, I am in the middle of rewiring up an older 2004 Mazda Tribute to take out camping that will run as a somewhat sustainable power hub for a bunch of 12v accessories, and I was hoping to pick the brains of those with more experience in this area. I have attached a diagram of my current...
  8. O

    Nissan Navara d22 Factory Dual Battery conversion help

    Hi, I have a 2010 Nissan navara d22 STR 2.5L, and it came with a factory dual battery setup for cranking. Both batteries need replacing and I thought Id look into converting it into a standard single cranking battery and then I have the option of adding a true second auxillary battery. I have...
  9. W

    Dual Battery Wiring

    Hi Guys, After becoming interested in off the grid camping I began doing a lot of research into dual battery systems and decided to have a go myself. I came up with the setup you can see in the attachment but i am having some issues getting it to work properly. I want the battery protector to...
  10. B

    Dual battery tripping CB

    I’m running a dual battery setup with my aux battery (120ah agm) behind the back seat in the cabin. 6b&s cable from the starter battery to a projecta idc25 which is positioned next to the aux battery, earthed on the bolt that secures the seat (I’ve removed the back seats for extra room and am...
  11. D

    Dual battery, but No 12v power when car is parked.

    I recently bought a Ford Ranger from Ford. I added the dual battery kit as a factory fitted extra to power a fridge whilst I’m away camping. I’d never had one before and hadn’t done any research. anyway, they kitted me out with a tray in the tub and Redarc bcdc1220 charger (I wish I’d...
  12. DamagedDingo

    How long can i run a fridge of battery

    Hey guys, I am looking at picking up a Waeco CF40 whilst they are on special ($500) but was wondering how long I can run it off a battery for. I If required I think I can squeeze a second battery next to my main (if i rotate it 90 degrees) and that should be fairly cheap, but I was wondering how...