1. Epic Drives WA

    Bogged, beaten and bruised! Western Australia's Wandoo National Park.

    This 4WD trip was not easy... Sometimes the simplest things can be tough! A combination of issues made this day trip a three day expedition. I knew i could easily give up at any point but some things need finishing and this track was one of those "things." The crazy thing is, I've driven...
  2. cradokaone

    Whale watching, Eyre Highway, clifftop camping..

    As part of a recent trip along the Anne Beadell highway. It wouldn't be the best campsite a lot of the time but when it is, what a great spot...
  3. cradokaone

    Jellabinna and Yellabinna Rocks with the Phantom 4 drone

    Had a good week in the scrub about 90kms west of Googs Track checking out a few granite domes. Weather was ok if a bit nippy in the evening time. It had rained in the previous couple of weeks so the sand was reasonably firm. There a couple of tracks closed because of re vegetation programs but...