1. John U

    Running half an Outback drawer set

    G'day Earth experts. I have a full set of ARB Outback drawers in the back of my Ranger. I've been flip flipping around, thinking about removing them for a while as my Ranger is pretty hefty. I reckon this is somewhere I could save a bit of weight without loosing too much function, or even...
  2. B

    Anyone have plans for rear drawers?

    Looking to make some rear drawers for the recently acquired 2000 Suzuki GV. Does anyone have any plans they have drawn to show how they started the process? Or any progress photos throughout the build? In particular, looking for timber made drawers. Any tips or tricks will be much appreciated...
  3. CruisingSned

    4WD Supacentre Warranty

    Has anyone had problems recently with 4WD Supacentre Warranty claims. My titan draw turned up a little worse for wear. Looks like something heavy has been dropped on the draws. I've put a claim in today. Must have been a really heavy hit. It's fairly sturdy.