1. Lewy_88

    Lithgow - Glow Worm Tunnel/Lost City and Ranger Bobs

    We headed for Lithgow a couple of weeks back. We left Canberra on Friday night and went looking for the couple of the camp sites out along the trail that heads to the Glow Worm Tunnel. We went straight past the first one and headed for Barcoo Swamp Campground. This was a mistake because the spot...
  2. Abbztract

    Buy an old Warn or a new Carbon winch? Thoughts?

    So after two years of owning my Discovery 2a, I've finally gone ahead and ordered myself a brand new winch bar from ARB. Now as if that wasn't a hard enough decision, I have to choose a winch and I need some additional opinions from those who have been in this situation of buying their first...