digital maps

  1. S

    WA 25K Topo Maps

    I am on the hunt for some detailed 25K topo maps of WA and cannot make a decision on which ones to purchase. Primarily use Oziexplorer and would prefer to stay with that for now - Get Lost WA maps are not very good for WA and have minimal detail, seems Landgate hold the cards here and don't...
  2. DBTouring

    Map Apps Whats a good one

    Hi every one I have been looking in to the 4wd Map apps Iphone & Ipad they seem to all have mixed reviews I am leaning to the Hema Topo off line, & use it on the IPhone & IPad Any thoughts out there David
  3. Ditch

    Converting PDF Maps To Digital Maps

    Any PDF map can be downloaded, converted to an image & then calibrated in Oziexplorer for use as a digital map. Maps can be sourced from many locations including National Parks, State Forest, Tourism & many other places. Over the last month or so I have converted over 300 maps from the...