1. E

    1hz not starting or starting weak

    Hello everyone My 1hz does not start or starts weak when it is hot.But it starts rapidly when it is cold. Fuel system (timing), the battery or what?
  2. Ports_Ruggedx

    Steel or Plastic diesel Jerry’s?

    Thoughts on both? Pros and cons? Which one is better? Does metal create water condensation?
  3. Waswell

    Minor Service - Early 2000's era Diesel Engine (HZJ105)

    I am relatively new to engines (and 4wd's) and am trying to learn more. I thought a good step towards learning would be to do the minor/6 month service on my 105 series Landcruiser while i'm in quarantine lock-down. Can anyone tell me what items I should be covering with this? I'm fine with the...
  4. Epic Drives WA

    My attempt at DIY oil and filter change.

    A quick DIY service on my 2012 Hilux SR (3.0 diesel D4D engine.) With my service overdue by over a thousand kms I took my 4x4 over to my brother Matt to teach me how to do an oil change and replace the oil and fuel filters pre road trip Do you do your own oil and filter changes? It's definitely...
  5. ajengineer

    First 4WD - What are some good options?

    G'day all, Bit of a newbie question here, and one that I'm sure has been asked to death, but I'm kinda stuck. I've been wanting to get into 4x4ing for a while now and have gotten to the point where I'm actively looking for a vehicle to buy. A bit of a background: I'm a uni student looking for...
  6. ajengineer

    WTB Toyota Hilux Surf Gen 3/KZN185 Intercooled

    G'day, I'm looking for a Toyota Hilux Surf KZN185 with Intercooler (third gen Surf). I'm located VIC but I'd be willing to travel for the right rig. I know they are not the most common of vehicles so I thought I'd try put a post out as they don't come up on CarSales too often! If I haven't...
  7. Jonathan Spears

    help! Mazda Bravo MD25TI thermostat replacement...

    Hi. I have a 2002 Bravo with the Md25ti turbo diesel engine. I have found the thermostat under the alternator but there is very litte room for screwing it from above without removing the alternator... i would really appreciate some tips and tricks on how i can replace my thermostat without...
  8. HiluxingAlong

    Hilux Decisions... LN106 - 2.8 TD or 2.4 Carby?

    Looking at another luxie... wondering what the general direction would be if you had the choice of... 1) 1996 Dual Cab with a 22r 2.4carby petrol - Done 412kms but been rebuilt at 350,000... 2) 1992 Single cab with a 2.8 diesel that has an aftermarket turbo, done 300,000 and hasnt been...
  9. 4x4Dog

    Colorado 7 / Trailblazer long range fuel tank

    Maybe a long shot here but anyone know if a replacement long range fuel tank has been developed for the Coloardo 7 / Trailblazer? I have a MY17 Trailblazer, so far brown davis says there's not enough room for a bigger tank, and long range automotive lilydale says they haven't tried but willing...