deep cycle battery

  1. M

    Deep cycle dual battery location

    Hey boys, just bought myself a 130AH GIANT deep cycle battery. Was planning to put it in under my bonnet but I’ve heard that some dual batteries aren’t good to put under the bonnet of your car due to how hot it gets under the hood and what not. Anyone have any more information on this? It’s...
  2. ktmrider

    Lithium Second Battery

    This may have been posted before and if it has been I am sorry. I am new to forums and I am not the best... I am looking at replacing my 2x80Ah AGM battery's currently in the caravan for 1x 100Ah Stark Energy Lithium battery, I have heard good things from this company. This will free up a lot...
  3. Benedict Smith

    Best crank battery and best deep cycle for under bonnet? 1HZ.

    G'day Legends, I'm hoping someone here has been through this before? Excuse my ignorance but I'm always learning and keen to get this sorted for good. My 2 current batteries are cactus. Had this confirmed by 2 separate Auto shops in town. Load tested each battery and they're in a very sad...