cv shaft

  1. R

    Noise when turning CV?

    Hello, I have a 2003 Prado KZJ120 and when I turn I get a nice clicking kind of sound. I have been told that it is most likely my cv shafts. I was just wondering what do most people do/recommend do you replace the full shafts or just the outer joints? Cheers, Raymond.
  2. jackylegs

    np pajero front cv replacement

    I'm not a mechanic nor is this a "how to" it's just the way i did it. jack up the vehicle and prop it with a stand remove the wheel remove the dust cap with a hammer and screwdriver (the most expensive bahco chisel you can find works really well too) remove the split pin undo the two...
  3. Lewy_88

    Video: Lithgow and Lake Lyell Campground - Colorado goes BANG

    The second part of our trip meant it was time for the Colorado to take on some of the formidable Lithgow tracks. The first was Old Drift Road, it is a fun challenge for any vehicle with open diffs. Lots of fun and laughs there. Camp on Saturday night was at the Lake Lyell Campground. Really...