1. M

    Looking to get bigger tyres

    Hey lads, I’ve got a Toyota landcruiser 79 series single cab HZJ79R. Currently got 265/70R16 road tyres on it. Looking to get either 285/75R16 muddys or all terrains. It’s a stock cruiser (no lift on it, stock suspension ect.) I feel as though they will fit no problem for the back but not too...
  2. Rackers03

    60 series as first 4WD?

    Hi all, got my L's and am slowly getting closer to my p's, which means more freedom! I'm hoping to hit the tracks with my mates eventually and am looking around for my first 4wd. Currently got my eyes on a mint '89 60 Series GXL. bulletproof 2H, 5-speed box, 2 inch lift, dual battery, light bar...
  3. Rackers03

    Thoughts on buying a 80 Series Cruiser

    Hi all, New to the site, so thought i'd ask something. I'm sixteen end of the year and looking for a good 4bie to take offroad/use at home (farm in SA) Currently got me eyes on a '97 80 series Standard. It's got a 2 inch lift, 33 inch muddies, bullbar, UHF/radio, snorkel and spotties. It's got...
  4. J

    Should I turbo my 79

    Hey I've got a 1999 78 series landcruiser ute, it's got about 260k's on it ATM and I am thinking about putting a ct26 turbo on at around 8-12 PSI, just woundering if I should commit to this because I am worried about how many k's I will get out of it as I wanna get around 500 out of my cruiser...