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  1. A

    2019 Holden Colorado gearbox shutter

    Hi all I have a 2019 Holden Colorado z71 with 12000 on the clock when Highway driving sitting at 110kmh slowing down to exit at 75kmh there is a vibration and shutter coming from the rear with and without using brakes I will be taking it back to the dealer as it's under warranty but would like...
  2. P

    Which Fuse?

    Can anyone tell me which fuse on the interior fuse box of my RG (2015) is a constant power fuse? the manual is not clear?
  3. Chipper8

    Colorado suspension

    I have a 2019 Colorado with standard suspension, a steel bar on the front and canopy on the back. My question is: is the standard suspension more than enough for this? I also have my dual battery setup and fridge in the canopy full time. I tow a tradesman trailer everyday and do moderate...
  4. Brandon_rado

    Holden Colorado 2012 4X4 LT DC PU 2.8 MT

    Hi everyone, So I have a 2012 Holden Colorado 4X4 LT DC PU 2.8 MT. I am not an expert when it comes to 4x4's mechanically or electrically and have been having trouble with my 4x4 engagement system. So it all started at home luckily, it was raining and I happened to have parked my Colorado on...
  5. Lewy_88

    Vic High Country - More Cobberas, fallen trees and the search for mines

    This part of our trip, the rest of our cars tackle the Cobberas climb, one finds it harder than the other. We stop for lunch in a clearing along Cobberas. The plan changes at lunch and we head off in search of some ‘abandoned’ mines. Along the route we clear two fallen trees and make it to one...
  6. Lewy_88

    Part 2 of the Pinnibar Trip - Wheelers Hut to Poplars Campground

    More awesome scenery and a great campground. We damaged the Dmax rear bar in a creek crossing, then winched out of the same crossing the next day. Finished the trip with a flat tyre. Great weekend away! Vic High Country - Wheelers Hut to Poplars Campground