colorado 7

  1. Lewy_88

    2016 RG Colorado 7 Modification Walkthrough

    I recently made a walk through video of my 2016 Colorado 7. We bought it from a dealer with 8,000kms on it and have slowly been modifying it. Mod list is below and majority of these are shown in the video. - Harrop eLocker in the rear - 2 Inch lift, I have changed the rear shocks since the...
  2. Lewy_88

    Dobinsons Adjustable Monotube 50mm lift kit installation on Colorado 7

    I made a quick and simple video of our DIY installation on my Colorado 7. Overall lift was about 35mm in the front and 45mm in the rear. I plan to adjust the front up 10mm to get it sitting even.
  3. Woodynutz

    Colorado 7 Rear Brakes

    After incessant brake squealing since new I'm looking at installing aftermarket pads. I've been having issues though identifying suitable rear pads (as only the rest of the Colorado's have drum rears). Does anyone know some options for 4x4-suitable pads for the C7 rears?