1. T

    New Set Up - looking for feedback

    Hi 4x4rs, My partner and I have just ordered a Hilux SR 4WD double cab manual 2.8L diesel to tow our 550kg (empty) camper trailer. No kids to worry about, and wanting to get out far away from people ;) and coronavirus.... We are saving for a canopy and drawer set up to go in the tray...
  2. jude L quinn

    Hi From SE QLD

    Hi there, New member here. We have just bought our first off road camper trailer (Kings TrackrunnerX, it is AMAZING!) and we're keen to find new and interesting places to visit. I started a casual camping group on Meetup so that we could meet good people. If you're interested you can find it...
  3. Skoonzie

    BRUDER EXP-6 best tow ute?

    Hi all Yes this technically isn't a camper trailer, yet apparently it can go more places than most camper trailers. So I thought feedback here would be the best place. If I were to tow this beast for 2 years touring as off road, in as many rugged and sandy places as possible what dual cab ute...