camper trailer

  1. T

    New Set Up - looking for feedback

    Hi 4x4rs, My partner and I have just ordered a Hilux SR 4WD double cab manual 2.8L diesel to tow our 550kg (empty) camper trailer. No kids to worry about, and wanting to get out far away from people ;) and coronavirus.... We are saving for a canopy and drawer set up to go in the tray...
  2. P

    1999 Trak Shak

    Hi all, Looking at purchasing a 1999 Trak Shak camper for just under 6k. Canvass looks in good nick, electrics have been upgraded but overall its a little aged (as you would expect). That being said it opens and closes well, the kitchen still detaches and I will have my weber for cooking...
  3. T

    Customline deluxe off road camper trailer - SOLD

    18’ tent Excellent condition Owned since new (2012) Cleaned and washed after each trip Always stored under cover Extended drawbar for easy manoeuvring Tropical roof to keep tent cool Queen bed inner spring mattress always used with protector 2 x 150mm pole holders Large alloy tool box Near new...
  4. S

    Prevent water hoses freezing in camper

    Hi all, Living and camping in a cold climate I think the water hoses on my camper keep freezing, leading to cracking and small leaks. The camper is stored in my shed which gets awfully cold. I have replaced one of the hoses I suspected were leaking, but now I have noticed another small leak. I...
  5. Drifta032

    Ranger connecting to Drifta DOT batteries etc

    Hi everyone. First timer on here - just picked up Drifta DOT second hand and working out how I get my Ranger setup to have a good camping battery setup for both car and trailer. No setup in car at all - blank canvas. Attached is a picture of what is the go in the trailer - it has a 7pin and...