1. Robbie_P

    Camping at Moreton this weekend

    Hi All, Im going for my first beach camp at Moreton this weekend. Besides getting sandpegs, is there anything else I should consider with my setup or other tips for camping at Moreton? We will be camping at Comboyuro Point camping area. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Robbie
  2. Robbie_P

    Mid December road trip to Sydney or Whitsundays

    Hi All, I am planning a road trip with the family (wife and 3 kids under 8) to either Whitsundays or Sydney (Wollongong area) between 15-21 December. Sydney to visit family and close friends, Whitsundays to explore and see new things. How would the weather be heading up to Whitsundays that...
  3. Robbie_P

    Most practical and space efficient cooking setup?

    Hi All, I was wondering what everything uses for their cooking while out camping? I have a Camp Fire BBQ Plate. Its flat, compact and I really enjoy using it. The only downside for me is having to carry wood. If the campsite had wood for purchase or could be collected, this would be my...
  4. Robbie_P

    QLD National Park camping suggestions?

    Hi All, Since got the new 4x4 we have been doing alot of camping in the QLD National PArk. The last 3 weekends we have done: Neurum Camping area (D'Aguliar NP) Archer Camping area (D'Aguliar NP) Green Mountains Camping area (Lamington NP) We have also booked the Settlement in Springbrook...
  5. S

    Callout to all camp setup geeks - help get our setup right

    Hi All, first post here so be gentle :) Our few recent camping trips were such a success, it has finally convinced hubby to take in up a notch and do it more often and - heaven forbid - in the cold! So a good chance to upgrade some gear and get it right so in the future it's even better. It's...