1. P

    Building a Canopy

    Hey All I have just upgraded to a 2019 MR triton which currently has a steel tray. I want to have a camping set up that i can use jacks to easily take off when not using but also take off on site so i can still drive away and use the care without having the pack everything up. I dont want...
  2. EastieTangles

    GU Cummins 6BT swap vlog

    Hey folks Pretty new to the whole YouTube thing but having a fair crack at it! If you like these build vlogs would love a like, sub, and a share to ya mates. This one is getting a 215hp out of a Dodge, shipped over from the 'states. Behind that will be a 4L80E built by wholesale auto Will...
  3. Jommy

    1989 Toyota Hilux SR5 Restoration build (first 4wd)

    Hey everyone, Thought id do a post on my first 4x4. Just bought this 2 months ago. I knew it had a lot of hidden rust, ended up being way more then originally thought. The engine has been looked after and it seemed like bit of a rare find. Thats what made me pull the trigger. Auto locking hubs...