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    Hi guys... i just Bought a 2005 mazda bravo b2500 4x4... my first diesel and 4x4.

    So I took it to my mechanic to get a safety check and had a couple little issues as far as I know. my rfw light keeps coming on at start up and was running bit rough in the morning only for about 5 seconds. That got fixed was 2 faulty glow plugs... but the rfw light he said your 4wd works ok and...
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    2010 bt-50 with 31's on stock suspension. Scrubbing on inside guard at full lock.

    Hi all, I have recently put some 265/70r16's on my relatively stock bt50. Original tyres were 245/70r16 so not a huge step up. At full lock with the 265's the front tyres will scrub slightly on the inside guard. The rims are 0 offset and I'm curious whether anyone else has had this problem? If...
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    Accessories for new Mazda BT-50

    Hi All, I recently bought a 2018 XT BT-50. I was just wondering what is the compatibility of accessories from previous years models? Referring to Canopies, bull bars, side bars, tray liners etc.