beginner 4wd track

  1. E

    4x4 and camping for beginners

    Hi Team, I am a beginner to 4x4 and excited to go on the first adventure. I have a 2022 LDV T60 luxe that is stock standard. Can anyone recommend beginner tracks to go to and if possible, perhaps camp there as well. I intend to go with a family member(s) who owns a stock 2023 Nissan Patrol...
  2. Blake_bowling

    Beginner tracks

    Hey legends, I’ve recently bought my first 4wd and looking to start learning on some tracks! I’m down in sanctuary point, south of NSW. Wanting to know if there’s any good tracks around where I am, that are open for the public to access? I wouldn’t mind some beach driving, also getting out to...
  3. Epic Drives WA

    Sand, Rocks & Reservoirs: Facebook 4x4 event

    This episode is what it says on the tin! We hit up sand, rocks and reservoirs in one action packed 4x4 day of Epic Drives Western Australian adventure! Kicking off the day south of #Mandurah, we aired down the tyres of our 4WD's and headed off towards one of only a few four wheel drive friendly...