1. Epic Drives WA

    This is my WA

    Labour day long weekend, an annual public holiday that celebrates the eight-hour working day. The idea being that we are all entitled to 8 hours of recreation and eight hours of sleep. That's a day I'm happy to celebrate! This is how I did WA this long weekend, how did you do yours?
  2. jaiman

    Camping in Robe & Beachport

    Hey Guys planning on heading to Beachport and Robe for a couple days 27-30th of December. Just trying to work out where to camp. Are you allowed to camp in the dunes or on the beach in any spots? Or do you need to book a spot somewhere? Any help is appreciated
  3. Epic Drives WA

    Lancelin to Sandy Cape Off road adventure.

    Making our way north of Perth for this episode we start our adventure at the very popular tourist town of Lancelin (130km from Perth.) After checking out the immense sand dunes and beach, we drive up to Wedge Island to explore the self sufficient beachside settlement and cruise along the...
  4. Robbie_P

    Camping at Moreton this weekend

    Hi All, Im going for my first beach camp at Moreton this weekend. Besides getting sandpegs, is there anything else I should consider with my setup or other tips for camping at Moreton? We will be camping at Comboyuro Point camping area. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Robbie
  5. Robbie_P

    QLD National Park Beach camping

    Hi All, Over the past 4 months, since getting my Patrol, we have been bush camping just about every weekend in the QLD National Parks and State Forrests. Most people we have met along the way have told us we need to go to Fraser Island. I still have 3 weeks of leave remaining, so I'm hoping to...
  6. Rumbuck

    Beach Driving around Bega Valley, NSW

    G'Day Guys, Just on holidays around Bega Valley, NSW, found some nice tracks around the beaches at Merimbula and was told there are good ones onto the beaches at Tathra, Eden, and other spots. Just wondering if anyone can point me to the actual rules for around here, as I have had a look, Bega...