1. M

    Dual battery cost

    Hi I have a new hilux on order and looking to have a few extras installed through the dealer. He has quoted me about $2230 for the ARB battery kit to be installed, including two batteries and dual plugs for a fridge mounted in the tub (I assume he is including the main battery with this. Not...
  2. M

    Deep cycle dual battery location

    Hey boys, just bought myself a 130AH GIANT deep cycle battery. Was planning to put it in under my bonnet but I’ve heard that some dual batteries aren’t good to put under the bonnet of your car due to how hot it gets under the hood and what not. Anyone have any more information on this? It’s...
  3. H

    Landcruiser troop carrier 75 series, battery drain?

    Hi all, I’ve got a troop carrier 75 series which has been going good for me but ever since I’ve had it (2 months) it has been struggling to start in the morning when I go to work. When I start it in the morning the battery meter reads below the grey area where it should be. Not quiet sure what...
  4. H

    Dual battery set ups - have I misused my own battery?

    Hi all, A while back (November 2017) i fitted my own dual battery set up. It wasn't too tricky, having followed a bunch of advice on here. I'm 100% certain that its wired well, appropriate diameters for the cable runs etc. I bought the Thunder DC-DC charger (cheapish) off ebay, and a 115Ah AGM...
  5. G

    help with calculations for running a huge fridge

    hello, call me stupid but i just cant figure this out using online tools and info. essentially i want to run an 850 litre fridge from batteries, even if it only gives me 2 hours runtime (hoping from anywhere from 2-8 hours though). the fridge is 240v 400w (running, not startup, startup will...
  6. M

    Help! I Am Trying to Wire Up a Kings Battery Monitor

    My solar setup is designed for use independent of the vehicle, and the solar panel is the battery's only charging source - there is no battery charger in the circuit. Otherwise it's a 250W solar panel through a Kings solar controller (there's one on the panel too, but I am a sucker for a sales...
  7. 4

    Alternator Voltage Booster

    Hi Couldn't find anything in the forums here, so thought I'd join up and ask. :) Apologies if this has been asked/discussed before (if so, please direct me), but I'm thinking about adding an Alternator Voltage Booster to my 2012 Toyota Hilux SR5 Diesel. More specifically, I'm looking at...
  8. Lewy_88

    Cheap DIY 12v setup in Colorado 7

    After I put in the false floor and drawer, power was next! I wanted the battery to be removable, and didn't want to go through the hassle and expense of putting it in the engine bay. So here is what I did.
  9. R

    DIY Battery Box Advice Appreciated

    Hi All, Been lurking here for a while and appreciate all the great advice. I'm busy putting together my own battery box, after having a horrendous experience with an ArkPak and their terrible support. I'm just going to run 2 x 3 socket panels (USB/CIG/CIG) to power my Engel (21L), some camp...
  10. F

    Hilux hard start issues

    Hi all, I own a 2008 Toyota Hilux and have recently had issues with the battery going flat through the week as I mainly drive a work vehicle. At first I would charge my battery and everything would be fine, but as this this has become a chore I have since installed a battery isolator that I...
  11. DamagedDingo

    How long can i run a fridge of battery

    Hey guys, I am looking at picking up a Waeco CF40 whilst they are on special ($500) but was wondering how long I can run it off a battery for. I If required I think I can squeeze a second battery next to my main (if i rotate it 90 degrees) and that should be fairly cheap, but I was wondering how...