air compressor

  1. SuperSafari

    Best air compressors on the market

    Im currently in the market for an air compressor for when I need to deflate my tires for dune bashing. Im based in Dubai, so I hit the dunes on the regular (I own a 2021 Patrol Super Safari) Two questions: 1. What brand do you recommend? Should I go with a reputable brand or go for Chinese...
  2. P

    12 V Compressor on a 2018 Amarok

    G'day All, Pretty green when it comes to all things mechanical/auto. I'm looking at doing some beach driving and have a little 12 V compressor to hook up directly to my battery. My question is whether it will be safe to hook up the negative lead to the battery or if there is a specific spot on...
  3. Epic Drives WA

    4x4 Air Compressors - Beginner Tips.

    The very first addition to your 4WD setup that you MUST have before you head off road is a 12 volt air compressor. I don't believe that you need expensive equipment to enjoy the great outdoors however there are a few things that will help ensure your first experience off-road is an enjoyable...