aftermarket turbo

  1. B

    06 holden rodeo 4jh1tc aftermarket turbo

    Gday very unexperienced with turbo diesels. I have recently purchased an 06 holden rodeo running a 3.0l 4jh1tc engine. I have a perkins gt25s turbo i believe off a 4.4l inline 4 engine. Would anyone know if the little 3l would be able to even spool up the perkins turbo? I dont think...
  2. Lauchie

    1995 LN106 Turbo Advice

    G'day Fellas, I currently own a 95 ln106. 3L 2.8d engine in it. I'm looking at putting a turbo in. My mate has a HT18 turbo that he no longer needs due to upgrading to a cruiser. I am just wondering whether this will suit my lux rather than buying a brand new one. In the case it does not suit, I...