1. 8

    80 series vs GQ/GU patrol

    Hey guys, making this short and simple, I’ve been debating that the 80 series is a better 4wd compared to the GQ and GU. My criteria for the better 4wd is, aftermarket support, general maintenance, more power (1HZ vs n/a TD42), simplicity to be able to fix things (no computers or anything that...
  2. 8

    Help me decide Lift & Tyres for an 80 series

    Hey everyone, I've got myself an old 1990 dx 1hz-t Landcruiser, and now that I get my P's in the next couple of weeks I'm going to start spending some money on it. My current concerns are what size lift and tyres do I go? I've really been tossing up my ideas and I'm still not sure what...
  3. C

    Td42 or 1Hd-t @ 300,000kms

    Hey guys, first time poster so not sure if I’m posting in the right thread. I’m looking at changing up cars, I’m currently on a 14 BT50 and looking to change to a Patrol or 80 series. I’ve got two that I’ve got my eye on, both very clean cars but they are both on the low end of 300,000kms. The...
  4. 80seriesalways

    80 series won’t start occasionally

    Hey guys. I just bought a new 80 series with a 3f motor in it. She’s a bit temperamental when starting. Sometimes she starts right up and sometimes I can’t get her to start no matter how much I try. Cranks but refuses to start. I checked the sparks and they seem good, so do the leads. I’m...