76 series towbar

  1. joshinthecity

    Recovery point towbar for 76 Series.

    So... X-bar and TAG, both make a 70 series towbar suitable / rated for recovery. (this is important, as I'd rather not use a std style towbar for rear winching / recoveries) https://www.tagtowbars.com.au/products/tag-recovery-bar-to-suit-toyota-landcruiser-01-2017-on...
  2. joshinthecity

    Towbar with rated recovery points for 76 series?

    This product "TAG" https://www.tagtowbars.com.au/products/tag-recovery-bar-to-suit-toyota-landcruiser-01-2017-on looked the business, but seems they don't make a compatible version for the 76 which is surprising... Does anyone have any recommendations for something similar ? Cheers, Josh.